Monday, November 12, 2012

Our English House- Part 3

My last post about our house, I took you around the outside and told you some of the history associated with the various buildings and features in the back garden.  My craft shed was mentioned in one of the photos and you were able to see it from the outside.  This building was originally built by the landlord because he works from home several days a week and wanted an office separate from the house.  When I saw it, I knew it would be my craft room.  I mean, DJ gets a two car garage that we can't manage to swing our cars around the angle and into the bays, so he has the WHOLE garage, minus the back corner where I have my holiday decoration bins stacked, to himself!

So, once again, here is the craft shed from the outside:

 When you walk in the door, this is what you see:

 The black IKEA bookshelf along the back wall was in our entryway in the old house, but wouldn't fit in this one so it has been repurposed in the craft room.  The shelf hanging on the wall is an IKEA shelf too that used to be over our television in New Jersey.  It has special hanging brackets so it looks like it is floating, but those brackets were on the wall already, so I just set it on top.  Note the little space heater which is necessary because the building is not heated.

 The cabinet under the window was our tv cabinet, but there was no room for it here, so it is enjoying it's new home in the craft room as well.

 In New Jersey, I had some nice counters and cabinets that DJ built for me to use as a workspace.  I don't have that here, so my folding table is set up permanently as my workspace.  My sewing maching is in the corner over there and can be set up on my table as well.

 The view of the door from the back of the room:

Now, I just need to motivate myself to go out there and do something!

In my first post about our house, we explored a little bit of the inside and I promised you I would show you the office next.  I think this is my favorite room in the house- the landlords left it painted and that along with the chandelier and the other details of the room, make me love it so much!

 I also love the floors!  Those are the original floorboards.  It used to be covered by carpet and the landlord wanted to expose all the hardwood.  He started with this room and quickly realized it was going to be a lengthy project as the floors were not in great condition due to all the carpet tacks and required a lot of sanding and finishing.  So, this room is the only one with the exposed floorboards. The living room and upstairs are carpeted.  The kitchen, dining room, entryway and bathroom have laminate over the wood.  I think these floors are beautiful!

 See that chandelier?

 That door on the left is the half bathroom we have downstairs.

 We needed a chair for the desk and happened upon this little gem in an antique store for £16.

In the picture below, you can really see the dampness on the walls. The wall behind the chair and that built-in bookcase is one of the worst spots in the house.  I try to open the windows for a few minutes most days to cut down on the moisture.  The room directly above this one is our bedroom and this same corner of our bedroom is also very damp.  In fact, I just noticed mold on my bedroom window (which is directly above this window) this morning and had to clean it with bleach.  The windows are double pane, but when I put the blinds down at night, condensation collects on the inside of the windows.  I never put this blind in the office down, but I always put the one down in the bedroom.  It's just another English quirk.  In fact, as we sat Saturday and watched it rain outside the living room window, DJ remarked, "I truly think the moisture holds everything together in this country!  If they ever had a true and serious drought, I think everything would just turn to dust and blow away!"

 I really do just LOVE this room!

This past weekend, we bought a table for the entryway.  I need to find a large mirror to hang on the opposite wall in the entryway as there are still large screws in the wall from the mirror the landlord had there.  I need to cover those screws!  I need to find something for the walls in the upstairs bathroom as well because it just looks really bare right now.  The next piece of furniture we are going to purchase is hopefully a bed for the guest room and we are still looking for a small cabinet or shelf for the living room.

So- still left to see: living room, bathroom, entryway, dining room and guest bedroom.

Here is a little teaser of a future post- a picture of the table we bought for the entryway at an antique dealer this weekend:

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